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Aerosol Engine Paint Inside-Out Detailer See Spot Go
Aerosol Engine Paint
Our Price: $5.50
Inside-Out Detailer
Our Price: $6.30
See Spot Go
Our Price: $6.95
A comprehensive line of fast drying, aerosol paints that restore engines and other metallic parts to their original color. An easy-to-use, high gloss aerosol silicone spray that treats, shines and protects rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces.  It is weather resistant, non-greasy and dries instantly. A powerful, VOC compliant aerosol fabric cleaner that effectively removes both oil-and-water-based stains. It instantly removes grease, tar, coffee, cola, urine, polish, ink, lipstick and blood without scrubbing.
Tropical Gloss - Aerosol Cherry Bomb Hot Stuff w/Cinnamon Scent
Tropical Gloss - Aerosol
Our Price: $13.60
Cherry Bomb
Our Price: $20.00
An easy-to-use aerosol wax that produces deep gloss, provides lasting protection and features a pleasant tropical fragrance. It can be applied by hand or with a high speed or orbital buffer.

Aerosol Cans
A thick, highly concentrated, red, liquid soap featuring a thick, durable foam that lifts and holds dirt in suspension, a film-free rinsing action and a cherry fragrance.

One Gallon
A concentrated, red, heavy-duty, water-based, general purpose cleaner that is low foaming, highly alkaline and formulated for both exterior and interior use. Has cinnamon scent.

1 Gallon
Easi-Off Blue Easi-Off Yellow Carolina Wash N Wax
Easi-Off Blue
Our Price: $21.55
Easi-Off Yellow
Our Price: $21.55
Carolina Wash N Wax
Our Price: $23.00
A blue, VOC compliant, paste wax that removes minor paint imperfections, produces deep, rich gloss and provides lasting protection. It contains mild abrasives, silicone and carnauba wax.

1 quart tin
A yellow, VOC compliant, paste wax that removes minor paint imperfection, production deep, rich gloss and provides lasting protection. It contains silicon and carnauba wax.

1 quart tin
A highly concentrated, coral colored, liquid soap featuring a high stable foam that removes dirt and grime, and carnauba wax which provides excellent shine and maximum beading action.

1 Gallon
Whamo Brite Stik - Gray Brite Stik - Purple
Our Price: $23.00
Brite Stik - Gray
Our Price: $25.75
Brite Stik - Purple
Our Price: $25.75
A colorless, concentrated, highly alkaline, water-based tire cleaner formulated to remove scuff marks, dirt, grease and road film from tires and whitewalls. VOC compliant and body shop-safe.

1 Gallon
A mildly abrasive, gray clay bar that safely removes paint over spray and other containment's from painted, chrome and glass surfaces. A aggressive, purple clay bar that safely removes paint over spray and other containment's from painted, chrome and glass surfaces. Contains additional abrasives which simplify cleaning.
Blue Max White Lightning Leather & Plastic Cleaner
Blue Max
Our Price: $28.00
White Lightning
Our Price: $29.50
Leather & Plastic Cleaner
Our Price: $29.50
A concentrated, blue, light-to medium-duty, water-based, general purpose cleaner that is citrus scented, features a high, penetrating foam and is formulated for both exterior and interior use.

1 Gallon
A colorless, medium-duty, ready-to-use, acid-based wheel cleaner formulated to safely clean and brighten all wheel types. Can be diluted 1:1. VOC compliant and body shop-safe.

1 Gallon
A straw-colored, ready-to-use, VOC compliant, alkaline cleaner formulated to remove dirt and grime from interior leather and plastic surfaces. Features a pleasant citrus scent.

1 Gallon
Leather Conditioner & Cleaner Black Pearl Medium Duty Compound - 02 X3 Fabric Cleaner Protectant
A milky white, ready-to-use, VOC compliant liquid that safely and effectively removes dirt & grime from leather surfaces, while replenishing the leather's natural oils.

1 Quart Bottle
A VOC compliant, off-white lotion that eliminates moderate surface imperfections quickly and easily.  Extra lubricants enable users to remove 1200-1500 grit scratches without swirling or excessive residue.  It features a pleasant cake batter fragrance and requires minimal clean-up.  Available in quart bottles. A revolutionary concentrate formulated to clean, protect and deodorize today's advanced automotive fabrics. It quickly removes a wide variety of contaminants from carpets and upholstery, while leaving a protective barrier that prevents staining and re-soiling. It also contains Ordenone, a proven deoderizer that neutralizes malodor molecules embedded in interior fabrics.

1 Gallon
Omni Brite - Gal Finish Shine Wax As-U-Dry
Omni Brite - Gal
Our Price: $33.00
Finish Shine
Our Price: $35.00
Wax As-U-Dry
Our Price: $37.00
Formerly Beetle Juice. Highly concentrated, VOC compliant, specialty cleaner formulated to remove insect residue form exterior paint, chrome and glass.  1 gallon. A purple, body shop-safe, VOC compliant, spray on-wipe off cleaner that removes dust, smudges and fingerprints from automotive finishes while generating gloss. Ready-to-use and features pleasant jasmine fragrance.

1 Gallon
An easy-to-use liquid carnauba-based wax with a bubblegum fragrance.  Formulated to be used on wet or dry surfaces. Its unique hygroscopic properties allow the wax to mix with water for fast, one-step wax as you dry. It can be used on all exterior surfaces without any risk of "whiteout". Gallon.
SELECT Wipe and Shine Metallic Fallout Remover Gel Adhesive Remover
SELECT Wipe and Shine
Our Price: $38.00
Adhesive Remover
Our Price: $39.00
SELECT Wipe & Shine is an easy-to-use, VOC compliant, spray on-wipe off express detailer that removes dust, smudges, and fingerprints from automotive finishes and generates a high gloss shine while providing UV protection to painted surfaces. Ready-to-use, do not add water.

1 Gal
A thick, slow drying, ready-to-use gel containing oxalic acid that effectively removes metallic fallout particles embedded in painted surfaces.

1 Gallon
A colorless, ready-to-use solvent that safely removes decal and label glue, undercoating and tar from painted and chrome surfaces.

1 Gallon
Spray Wax Lacquer Thinner Element Shield
Spray Wax
Our Price: $40.00
Lacquer Thinner
Our Price: $41.00
Element Shield
Our Price: $41.00
A colorless concentrated, VOC compliant, silicon-free spray wax/rinse aid formulated to shine vehicle surfaces and promote fast water shedding. Can be applied through a spray arch or spray bottle.

1 Gallon
A colorless, multi-purpose solvent blend used to thin bulk engine paint.
1 Gallon
A VOC compliant exterior protectant that keeps painted, chrome, glass and rubber surfaces cleaner longer.  Element Shield features QUAT technology - a unique blend of positively charged quaternary compounds that bond to the negatively charged vehicle surface creating a protective barrier and a rich shine.  This barrier helps reduce the adhesion of bugs and grime while enhancing water repellency to reduce water spotting.  It’s unique spray-on and rinse-off formula requires no buffing or rubbing making it an excellent choice for large vehicles. Gallon.
Bumper Kote Revive 2 Surface Clarifier
Bumper Kote
Our Price: $41.05
Revive 2
Our Price: $41.05
Surface Clarifier
Our Price: $43.00
A ready-to-use, VOC compliant, high gloss, solvent-based polymer gel formulated to restore faded bumpers and trim. It contains silicone.

1 quart bottle
A white, ready-to-use, high gloss, solvent-based lotion formulated to restore faded bumper and trim. It is unscented, extremely durable, contains silicone. VOC Compliant

1 quart bottle
A concentrated, clear, acid-based liquid that safely and effectively removes water spots from painted, chrome and glass surfaces.

1 Gallon