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Wash Pre-Wash Element Shield
Our Price: $26.00
Our Price: $36.00
Element Shield
Our Price: $41.00
A highly concentrated, VOC compliant, high foaming soap for the exterior surfaces of watercraft and RV’s.  Its pH balanced formula, with enhanced surfactants and high foam clinging action, provides superior cleaning especially on vertical surfaces.  The clinging foam lifts and holds dirt in suspension preventing scratching and re-depositing while providing a spot-free rinse.  Plus, it is phosphate and NPE-free. Gallon. A highly concentrated, VOC compliant, exterior cleaner formulated to remove black streaks, insect residue, road grime and light oxidation from the exterior surfaces of watercraft and RV’s.  It’s a safe and effective pre-wash for cleaning painted aluminum, fiberglass gel coat and clear coat surface and is also excellent for chrome & glass surfaces.  It is a water-based cleaner formulated from CleanGredients® surfactants and is solvent and glycol ether-free to reduce health and environmental impact and to eliminate the risk of damage to decals.  Plus, it is phosphate and NPE-free. Gallon. A VOC compliant exterior protectant that keeps painted, chrome, glass and rubber surfaces cleaner longer.  Element Shield features QUAT technology - a unique blend of positively charged quaternary compounds that bond to the negatively charged vehicle surface creating a protective barrier and a rich shine.  This barrier helps reduce the adhesion of bugs and grime while enhancing water repellency to reduce water spotting.  It’s unique spray-on and rinse-off formula requires no buffing or rubbing making it an excellent choice for large vehicles. Gallon.
Wax As-U-Dry
Wax As-U-Dry
Our Price: $41.00
A VOC compliant, spray wax for the exterior surfaces of watercraft and RV’s.  Wax As-U-Dry works great on wet or dry surfaces allowing wax application while drying in one step.  It will not whiteout trim or moldings and can be used on any exterior surface including glass.  Wax As-U-Dry helps to condition fiberglass surfaces by restoring oils for a rich and durable shine.  It helps protect against the adhesion of lake scum, insects, road grime and other contaminants and provides UV protection to help reduce damage from harmful sun rays.  Wax As-U-Dry also contains special anti-corrosion agents to help protect metals from premature corrosion. Gallon.